Make 2016 the Year you Start Digitising Your Archives

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Make 2016 the Year you Start Digitising Your Archives

There’s no excuse for losing important documents, precious photos, or other items from your archives—and yet despite this fact, far too many of us have done just that. A crashed hard drive, a house fire, even a spilled cup of coffee can result in irreparable loss when we’re unprepared. The New Year is always a time for new beginnings and resolutions to better our lives as we move forward—why not make 2016 the year you start digitising your archives?

The Benefits of Backups

Gone are the days where a safe deposit box or a fireproof safe were the safest ways to preserve important paperwork and pictures. Today, there are far safer and more secure options—and they’re just as (if not more) affordable. Creating digital copies of your archives gives you so many choices for how to preserve them—permanently. Once a physical document has been saved as a digital file, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, you can store that file on your laptop or desktop to fend off damage from a cup of tea, but that’s only the beginning. You can copy the contents of your computer onto an external hard drive, preserving your data there in the event of a computer catastrophe. You can burn data to CD ROMS, save it to USB, secure it in an SD card. And, you can upload your data to the cloud, placing it in the competent hands of a cloud service that uses redundant security and safety measures to make your files all but unassailable.

It’s Easier (and Cheaper) Than You Think

You needn’t be a techno-wiz to accomplish this important task, either. Today’s scanners are efficient which makes large archives easier than ever to digitise. Services such as Pearl Scan can digitise your archives for you, making the process completely hassle free. Nor do you need to have tons of cash to spare to secure your archives digitally or to back them up. As technology has advanced, it’s gotten far more affordable. Digital backups are no longer strictly within the purview of businesses. Individuals have just as much access to affordable services as organisations do, and prices scale nicely to accommodate them.

Don’t delay any longer – digitise today!