Microfiche and Microfilm Storage is Past its Sell-by Date

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Why Microfiche and Microfilm Storage is Past its Sell-by Date

Microfiche and microfilm were once brilliant storage solutions, as they effectively compacted images and other documents into small reels. However, in 2016, these kinds of archives are completely outdated and are preventing organisations from offering the cutting edge technology now available. Read on to find out why microfilm and microfiche is past its sell-by date – and what you can do to rectify your archives.

It’s expensive

The reels themselves are actually really pricey, which doesn’t make microfiche or microfilm a cost effective storage solution. You also need special machines to read the reels, which are also costly and old fashioned.
Difficult to update
Microfilm reels are difficult to update, so adding new documents or images isn’t really an option. This is inconvenient, not to mention once documents are on the reel they can only be viewed, not edited.

Takes time

Retrieving data which is stored on microfiche or microfilm is quite the task. First, you have to find the reel on which the certain document is stored – which could be in a room stacked with them. Once you find the right one within the filing system, then you have to take it back to the machine and view it through the microfiche or microfilm reader. Overall, this is very time consuming and not effective, especially when compared to digital retrieval.

Vinegar rot syndrome

The negative strips of the reel have been found to deteriorate over time. Microfilm reels start to deteriorate, and give off a ‘vinegary’ smell, hence the name. Once this happens there is nothing that can be done to protect the data, as time literally disintegrates the material.

Risk of theft and loss

Some microfilm reels and microfiche storage can get lost or misplaced over time. This can be devastating for libraries or cultural societies, which have tried to preserve history. There is also a risk of theft, which is the same for any hard copy documents or artefacts.

Time to Digitise Microfiche and Microfilm

There is one simple solution which removes all these disadvantages about microfiche and microfilm storage – digitisation. By using a microfiche and microfilm scanning service, all documents and images can be transferred into a digital document. This will safeguard it from loss, theft and damage caused by deterioration. It also speeds up the process of viewing what you’re looking for, and it’s more affordable to create a digital archive than many think.
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