The "Scan Everything" Challenge

scan everything

The "Scan Everything" Challenge

Having a professional scanning service digitise your media is a great way to protect your data. Many people don’t realise just how much of their media is scannable, and therefore can be made more secure. We’re setting out to change that.

Photos, negatives, and slides

Most people are aware that photos can be scanned, but they don’t realise that this is only the beginning when it comes to preserving your photographic memories. You can back up your family’s history and memories, in images, so that they can never be lost due to a flood, fire, or because of a misplaced box during a move. In addition to individual photographs and entire photo albums, Pearl Scan can also scan a wide variety of negative formats, as well as 35 mm slides, and transparencies.

These memories are irreplaceable if left in physical form, and priceless to you—don’t take the risk of losing them.

Books and magazines

Book pages being scannable probably isn't a surprise, but did you know that you could have your entire library scanned and returned to you intact? Pearl Scan offers both destructive (unbound) and non-destructive (bound) scanning services for books and magazines. The results can be transferred to a wide variety of different formats, including PDF, searchable PDF, Microsoft Word, and ebook formats compatible with many different platforms.

For many people the idea of being able to reclaim the space taken up by their books and still have access to their contents is ideal. For those customers, destructive scanning is perfect—their books are disposed of and their contents returned in digital form. But some people like to keep their physical books, and many scanning companies offer only destructive scanning.

Not so at Pearl. Not only do we try to meet our “scan everything” challenge with every client, we also try to meet their needs in other ways. We offer a non-destructive scanning service suitable for use with the most rare, delicate, or damaged books, and we’ll return your books in exactly the same condition.

Large format, x-rays, microfiche, and more

If we can scan it, we will, and so far, we haven’t run into much that we can’t. We’re happy to scan your business card collection, medical images, and large format items for you as well.

So, help us meet our “scan everything” challenge — let us try to scan everything for you!