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document management banner1Document Scanning for Accountants

Accountants have a very paper intensive workflow often receiving a large amount of financial documents and receipts from their clients. After a while the office will build up quickly with confidential financial documents and files which can be difficult to manage.

Accountant File Scanning

Pearl Scan Solutions have now provided accountants with a solution which not only eliminates the constant flow of paper but also streamlines their workflow and speeds up financial data processing while saving thousands of pounds.

Many accountants now outsource their work to India, but getting all of these documents indexed in order and archived is time consuming itself so more and more companies are looking for UK based scanning companies like Pearl Scan.

Our Accountancy Scanning Services Offer:

  • Sharing of documents electronically between departments and external offices
  • No more searching through files for a document. By using a text searchable system, you don’t have to move from your desk.
  • Indexing, organising, archiving and filing of any documents and files which saves countless hours for any accountant
  • Figures from clients receipts, invoices and expenditure are outsourced, calculated then returned fully completed saving endless hours on these duties
  • Access to any document at any location using secure online hosting
  • Reduced costs on posting, faxing, copying and storage of documents
  • Door to door courier service - we can collect any documents from your office or a client’s office to have them scanned, digitised and indexed

How Does Document Scanning & Electronic Archiving Benefit Accountants?Document Scanning Service16

A client will often leave a bulky pile of financial documents and receipts with their accountant in the knowledge that they will sort through the details and extract all the relevant information for their calculations. By having these files sent to Pearl Scan, these accountants can have all of the documents indexed by page title, client name, date or any field required. They can also be indexed correctly to specific requirements and, as if that wasn't enough, we can have the documents outsourced for detailed calculating. They are returned to you in electronic text searchable format with all of the necessary calculations and statistical work already carried out for you, making life much easier.

As we have worked with numerous accountants over the years we are aware of their job difficulties as well as their needs and requirements which is why Pearl Scan are always updating and changing our methods to best suit these clients.

We offer a number of additional document management solutions including a fully managed cloud system, Pearl Cloud. By having all relevant financial documents hosted online in one secure area it ensures you can view these documents at any location with an internet connection. This means the data becomes more flexible and is not just limited to the office when instantly trying to retrieve an important file.

These document scanning solutions have saved thousands of pounds for accountants and has drastically reduced the time and costs spent on manual document management which is vastly underestimated. It also ensures that there is no longer need to hire additional and temporary staff to sort out filing, data entry and paperwork issues. When some one else can carry out this work for you without all of the overheads it makes perfect sense.

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