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OCR Conversion to Microsoft Word & Excel

Options to have your documents converted to MS Word or MS Excel format

Depending on your varying OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning and conversion needs, you can choose from the following four options to have your documents, books, newspapers, brochures, manuscripts etc converted to an editable Microsoft Word document or to Excel format using data capture.

Here are the methods and the benefits of each of the different OCR conversion options.

Exact copyOptical Character Recognition

Our OCR scanning service, produces a document that maintains the formatting of the original. We would recommend this option if you have documents with complex layouts, such as promotion booklets, brochures, marketing leaflets etc.

NOTE: this option limits your ability to change the text and formatting of the output document. This option is the best solution for you if you only have small edits. Converting documents to an Excel spreadsheet is also possible with lists being automatically transferred into cells for convenience.

Editable copy

We can produce an electronic document that nearly preserves the original format and text flow. You can easily edit the output Word document. This mode is very helpful if you have major edits to do.

Formatted text

This OCR option retains fonts, font sizes, and paragraphs when converted to MS Word, but does not retain the exact locations of the objects on the page or the spacing. The resulting text will be left-aligned. (Right-to-left texts will be right-aligned.) Choose this option if you want to reuse text and images of the original in order to create a new layout.

NOTE: Vertical texts will be changed to horizontal in this mode.

Plain text

This mode does not retain formatting but is perfect for you if you are just interested in capturing the text in order to re-use it.

These four options give you a greater flexibility in having your documents scanned and OCR processed to electronic format. Just pick the one that is best for your purposes and call us for a speedy OCR scanning and processing service on 0161 832 7991 Or fill in a quote request form.
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