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magazine scanning

Magazine Scanning Services

Magazine scanning is a useful way to digitise all backlogged publications for any type of magazine.

Once in electronic format they can be converted into fully interactive, viewable/readable electronic magazines or e-books. By having a collection of back issues scanned they can be published online or sold on to other enthusiasts, this could eventually offer a return on investment from your magazine scanning exercise.

We offer high quality magazine scanning services which capture your magazine pages clearly producing crisp images while offering an additional text searchable feature.

Text Searchable Magazine Scanning

We can apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to the scanned images of your magazines to provide fully text searchable documents. By having magazines available electronically including additional OCR scanning it allows the user to find any subject content by entering a word into the search engine which will then locate any relevant keywords throughout the archived magazine. Text can also be highlighted and extracted if required. Once published online these pages can also appear in search engine results for public research if required.

How Does Magazine Scanning Work?

When scanning a magazine into electronic format it is important to do so without damaging the original copy. Pearl Scan’s advanced magazine scanning service takes a careful and effective approach. We use a process whereby the magazine or book is not actually in contact with the scanner and very little handling from the scanning operator is required by using an overhead camera with high quality capture technology. Enhancements and cropping are usually applied to the scanned magazine images afterwards for a better output quality.

Once the magazine scanning process is completed it goes through our many detailed quality control procedures. By having your magazines available in an electronic e-book format it enables an archiving system whereby the magazines can be put on to a DVD which offers the potential to distribute to other customers who are also fans of the publication. Once your magazines are backed up you are also safe in the knowledge that they are protected from any wear and tear or loss of materials.

What Formats Can You Scan Magazines To?

We scan and convert to all manner of formats, but our most popular formats include:

  • PDF
  • PDF Searchable
  • Microsoft Word
  • Kindle eBook Format
  • ePub eBook Format
  • Flipping Book

How Much Does Magazine Scanning Scanning Cost?

Our magazine scanning services are fully bespoke and can be tailored to suit exactly what you want. Because of this, it can be difficult to give an accurate quote without knowing your requirements.

To get a free quote for your magazine scanning requirements in more detail call Pearl Scan on 0161 832 7991 or request a quote online by completing the form through the links below.

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