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Halogen | Document Management Software

Halogen is an easy-to-use bespoke electronic document management system for a single user, multi-user and also a networked environment. Halogen is designed to bring sophisticated document management software facilities to the small and medium sized office.

Halogen provides a uniform procedure for the filing and instant retrieval of all forms of information and document management. It is compatible with client/server networks using Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. It can be used for directly scanning paper documents and it can also detect other types of document images (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CAD files) scanned elsewhere as they are created and add them to its indexing queue automatically.

Scanning and Image Editing
Halogen scanning features enables the conversion of any type of paper document into a highly compressed black and white, greyscale or colour graphic image. The system can capture both single or multi page files. The scanned documents are stored in an automatic indexing queue. Halogen supports industry standard Twain and can be customised for the Kofax interface.

Scanning Features:

  • Scanning module handles small and large documents
  • Twain compliant, can be customised to support Kofax Image control (Adrenaline).
  • Batch scanning and multiple page documents supported
  • Simplex and duplex document scanning supported
  • Documents can be rotated to pre-defined angles
  • Image enhancement
  • Image processing, document rotation, de-skew, auto trim, black border removal, de-speckle and auto-crop to size.
  • Insert and append documents into existing scanned files
  • Highlight, Note, Stamp, Drawings, Free Lines, Ruler for CAD drawings size measurements
  • Split Batch Files into Single TIFF Files
  • Merge single-page files into multi-page files

Indexing Documents

The scanned documents are stored in an automatic indexing queue to save the time on the indexing process. Indexing can be performed during scanning or after completion of the whole process. Both indexing and retrieval have been optimised with careful attention to ease of use and understanding and to operator preferences for your benefit. Unnecessary keystrokes and mouse clicks have now been eliminated which enables the fastest possible storage and retrieval of your documents.

Indexing Features:

  • Optional automatic generation of document number indexing
  • One mandatory and up to 16 optional fields indexing
  • Automatically capture barcode information and import into the indexing field or database
  • Performs whole document or zone OCR for quick indexing and data conversion
  • Automatic full text OCR in background or overnight without any user interface
  • Reduces manual data entry by copy and paste function from scanned image
  • Select pre-defined or pre-typed index information from drop down menu list.

Finding Documents

Clearly, retrieving documents quickly and easily is an essential feature of a good document management system. Halogen uses a wide range of search criteria. The search function finds and displays the document instantly.

Searching Features:

  • Fast document retrieval from central or local databases
  • Search for start of field, whole field or any part of field
  • Searching during typing
  • Performs predictive search
  • Full OCR text search within a file or in the whole database
  • Search for exact user defined word or phrase
  • Search by date, time or login information

After the retrieval process users can take advantage of the powerful built in additional functions for efficient document and information management.

Convenient Features

  • Optimise display at any magnification
  • Manual or automatic zooming
  • Automatically browse through a document
  • Thumbnail display. Choose a page from the thumbnails for a full page view
  • Full Screen view
  • Tiffs may be multi-page or single page, black & white or colour
  • TIFFs can be annotated in many ways
  • Memos can be associated with stored pages
  • Images or parts of images can be printed, e-mail or exported to other applications
  • Documents can be tagged for later view, print , e-mail or export
  • Documents can be referred for the attention of another user with a note
  • Any number of pages from a file can be retained on a desktop


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