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customer form scanningForm Scanning and Data Entry Service

Our form scanning, forms data capture and manual data entry services are a one-stop solution for all types of forms data capture and processing. Depending on the type of form e.g. survey, form or questionnaire and the data type e.g. computer printed or handwritten, we can assess the right solution for your form scanning and data collection requirements.

Scanning Technology

The automatic form scanning, data capture and recognised data extraction technology uses a combination of form OCR, OMR and ICR recognition engines which allows us to accurately capture computer typed, to some degree handwritten forms, barcode, checked boxes and freehand information in a matter of seconds. After the conversion process the recognised data can then be converted to Microsoft Excel, Access, txt or CSV format.

The Data Capture Process

The very first step in the form scanning and data capture process is to identify how the form is filled in. Has it been filled in using a computer, typewriter, from carbon paper, handwritten or a mixture of all these? We then ascertain the specific data-type:

  • Numeric data
  • Alpha-numeric data
  • Check boxes
  • Multi choice questions
  • True or false questions
  • Prefix numbers such telephone no. with the country and area code

Using this initial assessment, we can understand the nature of the form and data-type help us to employ the appropriate processing technology, such as automatic processing or manual data entry.

The Benefits of Form Processingdata capture woman survey

One of the main reason companies have their forms scanned and the data extracted into an organised database or spreadsheet format is to perform analysis of the data they have collected on the forms because this analysis can not be performed easily if the forms are in paper format.

By converting the form's data into an electronic format, organisations reduce time, eliminate backlogs and significantly improve collected data quality. The electronic capture process is far quicker and more accurate than the manual conversion of data from forms.

Our form scanning, data capture and data entry service allows organisations to focus on their core business while saving the costs of hiring additional staff and confronting the rapid obsolescence of costly hardware and software.

Pearl Scan provide a complete, expert and professional form processing solutions bringing major benefits that can be calculated in terms of organisational responsiveness. In other words, better use of people and corporate resources are very likely to play a role in the decision to outsource the form scanning, data entry and data collection services.

A Complete Data Capture Service

We have the capabilities and resources to handle any type or size of form scanning, data capture and conversion project whether it is a single project or ongoing data capture. We can manage your form scanning and form processing projects right for the fully digitisation process. We can even help you to design form templates either in electronic format or in paper format. Forms can be posted direct to your target audience and once completed we can also set up a P.O. Box. to return the forms directly to us which reduces scanning and processing times.

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