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Data Entry Services & Forms Capture

We provide cost effective data entry solutions for any organisation looking to have their data entry outsourced. By outsourcing this task it enables your staff to concentrate on their roles rather than manually entering data which is time consuming and not very cost effective in terms of a return on staff wages. More often than not it is cheaper to outsource and we have professionals who are dedicated to this role. We are also very flexible in terms of volume and project sizes.

The following forms may require manual data entry at some point, often in large numbers or an ongoing basis;

  • Customer application forms (containing personal details)Data Entry
  • Feedback forms/cards
  • Customer surveys/evaluations
  • Job application forms
  • Personnel forms
  • Company details
  • Reports
  • Student details/enrolment forms

It is always useful to have your hard copy data in electronic format through document scanning but in some cases scanning the image is not always enough. The fields need to be editable which is why we can enter them into a particular program and give you the data back with a high accuracy rate.

The savings that are generally made from outsourcing bulk data entry are often very significant and, without realising it, you could be spending a quarter or more of a staff member's annual salary just for them to enter data. Additionally if there is more than one staff member carrying this out, it adds up to thousands of pounds unnecessarily wasted every year.

Forms Capture & Extracting Data

Our advanced data capture services and software systems often allow us to scan typed text and have it converted to editable text as though it were entered manually. This will save endless hours for anyone in your office typing this in manually. We are aware, however, that the data capture scanning may not capture everything as it is required which is why we offer both capture and manual data entry services to ensure the data is all captured and entered exactly as you require.

If you simply require the data or statistics extracted from the documents then this is something we carry out weekly at our bureau on behalf of numerous customers. We have worked with NHS departments, schools, police and numerous private companies to gather the data and statistics from returned forms, to produce results charts, reports and compiled end data from these forms to allow more detailed analysis by the client afterwards.

Our accuracy in both data entry and data extraction is around 99.95% which offers good quality results with a good turnaround time for such projects.

If you have any data entry, forms data capture or data conversion requirements, please contact us. We also have a dedicated website with everything you need to know about data capture and data entry services.
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