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OCR Service

OCR Conversion and OCR Scanning

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the software used to create 'text editable' files from paper documents or electronic files. We specialise in providing complete OCR scanning and OCR conversion services to any desired file format usable by MS Word, Excel, Access, CSV, full text, searchable PDF files and HTML editable formats.

We can scan and convert any of the following and more:

  • Training ManualsOCR
  • Research documents
  • Reports
  • Customer data reports
  • Books / Magazines / Journals
  • Statements
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Application Forms

OCR conversion is very cost effective for organisations as it can save up to 90% of the time and cost of manually entering data from any documents or forms. Pearl Scan offers fast and cost effective scanning and conversion services at competitive prices which also includes text searchable features which can prove vital to staff searching for specific documents.

OCR software can recognise text in other languages besides English too, including French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Urdu, Arabic and Russian, plus all other major world languages, subject to sample testing.

Accuracy of OCR Scanning

The accuracy of OCR depends upon the quality of the original document and printed text quality. If your documents are printed from a fairly good quality printer then an accuracy of up to 99.95% can be achieved. If your documents contain tables or flowcharts we can also use OCR and format the text from your tables and flowcharts. Pictures, graphics and drawing objects can also be formatted within your document. Upon completion of your document they would appear exactly the same as the original document however with the advantage that they can be edited or searched as you please.

OCR Conversion

Our OCR scanning quality control staff provide proofreading of your converted data. This is to ensure the highest possible level of accuracy has been achieved throughout the scanning and conversion process. We have completed many projects in which we have met our customers' accuracy requirements of up to 99.95%. We provide three levels of scanning and conversion for our customers as they require.

Free Sample OCR Conversion

We also provide a free sample service for all of our new clients in which they can verify the quality of the scanned document, accuracy of the scanned data, turn around time and quality of our service.

For further information on Pearl Scan's OCR scanning and OCR conversion solutions, please contact us our turnaround time is usually 24 hours.:
Tel: 0161 832 7991
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Free Trial

Document Scanning Service

We offer a free trial scanning service to our prospective clients to their required format as proof of concept.


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