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Document scanning nhs healthcareDocument Scanning for NHS Trusts & Hospitals

Many hospitals and GP practices throughout the UK have always kept records and heavy documentation for many reasons. As there is such importance on tracking staff duties, patient conditions, illness/injury and staff details, the NHS and every private health service must hold detailed records of areas including:

  • Patient records
  • Medicine and drug inventory records
  • Maintenance records
  • Staff personal details
  • Purchase invoices
  • Purchase Orders

Why is Scanning Records Important For The NHS and Healthcare Sectors?

To keep a close track on all of these areas and many more throughout hospitals and surgeries it is imperative that these files and documents are kept safely in order and should be easy to locate at any time. This is not always the case and, as a result, there have been unfortunate situations where members of staff have lost their jobs due to poor document management.

This is why we have been working with hospitals over the years to have documents scanned and archived electronically so that they are safely stored away on disks and on a secure network. By digitising as many files and folders throughout hospitals and NHS buildings as possible it ensures the safety and ease of access which prevents any severe consequences from lost or misplaced records.

Healthcare Document Storage Problemsstuffed filing cabinet

The NHS and private healthcare services always hold a large amount of document storage units such as filing cabinets, shelves, cupboards and boxes. These bulky units take up a huge amount of space collectively throughout many sites but this space could and should be used more productively to further help patients.

Think how many staff are searching through storage units to find one document or an archived file everyday. This is potentially hundreds of collective hours throughout the country and healthcare staff are often stretched to meet their duties.

Scanning and archiving a large batch of files and documents has been proven as a return on investment, so rather than gambling with any budget, it ensures a return on investment towards time saved, space saved, document security and peace of mind for the future, which is imperative for NHS services.

How Much Does Scanning and Archiving Cost?

This can depend on the size of your project and any additional requirements. We have handled many small and large backlog scanning and archiving over the years and as a result Pearl Scan can suggest the best scanning options for you to maximise the return from this exercise.

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