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document storage

Document Storage

When it comes to document storage, storing files and documents in filing cabinets is probably one of the first things that comes to your mind to ensure your documents are in a safe place which is out of the way but available when needed.

However, these days, there are superior options out there that can make your documents disappear from sight while you can be safe in the knowledge that they are there as and when you need them. One of these other methods can take you a step further and potentially save you a ton of expense at the same time.

Document scanning and digital document management are becoming what many are calling major components of the future office. This is mainly because they offer more efficient solutions whilst being modern, forward-thinking and good for the environment, as well as exceptional value. Here's a short rundown of why you would be better off getting your documents scanned and digitised rather than going with conventional document storage.

Digital document management

The Advantages of Storing Documents Digitally

document storageMassively Cost Saving - No Recurring Costs

Think about how much it costs you on a monthly basis to store all your files and documents privately or even for using additional office space which could be used more constructively. Document scanning itself can cost as little as 1p per page which for a large amount of files is terrific value. And if you think that paying a large sum at once is too much, we can make an agreement where you would be able to pay by the month until the total value is paid. Once this is paid you will have no more costs whereas if you're using document storage on a monthly basis the costs will keep adding up.

For example, if you are spending £500 a month on storage, we will be able to set up a deal with you so you would be paying that £500 per month but only until the total is paid off. On a cost saving point of view there are advantages from all sides and no negatives.

storageTime Saving

If you are storing a great deal of documents privately or within one of your own offices, document scanning and digital document management can help you save time. In the event that you need to find a certain batch of documents or even a particular file, you could spend hours searching to find what you need through thousands of physical files. With document scanning your files will be indexed by name, date, reference number or anything else that would be helpful to you. This makes finding your files very easy when you actually need them.

efficientImproved Efficiency

Document scanning and digital document management can streamline the way that your office works. With the above mentioned time saving benefits of our services, staff will have more time to complete other important work around the office that may not have previously been finished.

fastQuick Access to Files

With digital document storage, your documents will still be hidden away from view just like physical document storage, but they will be on a hard drive instead. Think about the difference in size between a room full of papers and a computer hard drive. The documents can also be added onto a shared network so anyone in the office can access them at any time from any workstation. They can even be stored on your online web server, or through one of Pearl Scan's exclusive servers for quick and easy access.


Storing files digitally is more secure than storing them physically in known storage locations. Inevitably storage facilities are known and advertised, so thieves know where files are based. With digital storage you can save your files on a server, over a local network with your work colleagues or even through online cloud storage. The real secure document storage no longer lies in the hands of document storage facilities; it lies with digital archiving.

Storing your documents in filing cabinets, boxes and folders has become a thing of the past and because of services like Pearl Scan's scanning, management and secure document storage systems, many of our clients are already starting to see the major advantages of it.

If you're interested in finding out more about our secure digital document storage service, please give us a call on 0845 22 55 923 or request a free quote by completing our online form.


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