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Bulk Document Scanning and Digitising Services

Documents often gather up in any business or organisation and many offices have boxes or filing cabinets full of files and documents. As a scanning service provider we have the infrastructure to complete bulk document scanning projects having already completed large digitising jobs for many clients including local councils, schools, universities, solicitors and large blue chip companies throughout the country.

This is an area where our scanning expertise has earned us a reputation in the industry for good quality scanning services having saved offices thousands of pounds annually by managing their bulk archived documents digitally. Once in electronic format, staff members from all departments can access any document on the system by typing in a reference number or client name and the relevant document that was formerly stored in an archive box will appear on their screen in an instant.

We scan around 2-3 million documents per month at our bulk scanning bureau and often bring in large batches of boxes from offices who in some cases have been using a whole room just to store documents! This is an unnecessary waste of useful storage and we can take care of the whole digitising process from boxing up all of your files and taking them away to returning these back to you on a single CD. If required we can also arrange the secure shredding of these files so you may use this storage space more efficiently.

Why Outsource Your Bulk Document Scanning?

There are many reasons to outsource bulk document scanning. It will save costs and increase overall office efficiency along with the reasons below;

  • Free up space in the office that is taken up by documents, files or boxes
  • Retrieve any scanned document instantly on screen at the click of a button, no more file searching
  • Save thousands of pounds per year on printing, photocopying, posting of documents and the cost of staff wasting time searching for files
  • Distribute files via email to relevant staff in or out of the office

We can arrange to collect your documents from anywhere in the UK within 24 hours and even box the files up if required. Once returned to our bureau they will be scanned and delivered to you. The original documents can then be shredded afterwards by us if required.

How Much Does Bulk Archive Scanning Cost?

This usually depends on the volume and specific requirements, to find out you can either fill in our quick online quote request form or get in touch.
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