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Microsoft Sharepoint - ShareLive

Pearl Scan Solutions can provide a customised version of the online document management software - 'Microsoft Sharepoint'. Our customised version of this platform with the aid of document scanning effectively manages and hosts your office documents electronically while supporting many different systems for Microsoft-focused organisations. Users of Microsoft Sharepoint can upload, download and share documents. calendars, blogs, messages and information can also be sent and received from different locations remotely.

The software developed by Microsoft offers an online platform which can help organisations speed up their workflow's and document management. The idea is, as soon as new documents are scanned and arrive at the server the relevant users are notified by email so that they can be processed straight away.

Some organisations who have taken on Sharepoint say that many paper documents are still in the workflow running parallel alongside the Sharepoint system and they are hoping to eventually merge the document flow into one electronic document management system. So the system can work in a transition using a time frame that best suits your company to seamlessly fit in the document management solution with as little disruption as possible.

shareliveUsing the ShareLiveeditable platform for Sharepoint we can design a bespoke system which we call 'ShareLive' with a recognisable and user friendly Windows interface. It is called ShareLive as it enables live sharing of documents online from anywhere in the world.

Integrating ShareLive with your office

From an IT management point of view, a good document imaging application needs to have out of the box capabilities and return your investment. With our customisable ShareLive system we integrate office document scanning along with all of your main office requirements, so in short you decide how you want it all to look and feel and we can go ahead and put it in place!

With this step forward in document scanning and document management many organisations are looking to get there own Microsoft Sharepoint system in place to ensure their organisation is run at a cost effective and top level speed with new developments and updates in place so you never fall behind.

By managing the majority of the paper flow electronically through ShareLive it offers numerous benefits compared to the old fashioned 'paper intensive' process.

scanning service for sharepoint

Benefits and features of the ShareLive Document Management System

  • Retrieve scanned documents while in or away from the office
  • Documents are hosted securely online so they can always be accessed as long as you have an internet connection
  • No more lost or misplaced documents
  • Email documents to be authorised, signed or viewed by any member of staff with access
  • Cut down filing cabinets by having documents scanned and stored electronically
  • Documents can be accessed using a quick text search, no more searching through thick files
  • Leave messages, post calendar appointments and reminders for other users
  • Documents are safely backed up electronically preventing loss of data in a disaster

We have provided many organisational departments with their own electronic document management system (EDMS). Click here to view a case study based on one of the companies we have provided a customised document management solution for in the past.
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