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A Digital Mailroom Can Increase Productivity


digital mailroom

A Digital Mailroom Can Increase Productivity

A functioning mailroom is an important part of any business, with huge amounts of company crucial information filtering through the post department every day. As mail volumes grow however, operating a traditional mail room with manual handling of documents can be slow, labour intensive and inefficient compared to operating with a revolutionary digital mailroom system. At Pearl Scan our Digital Mailroom services have helped many UK businesses improve their productivity for a number of different reasons.

Reduce the Risk of Lost Information

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How many times has an important deadline been missed due to lost mail, or a customer has received less than perfect service due to an unorganised mailroom system? A digital mailroom service can create a digital data base of all incoming post, meaning that no file is ever lost in the depths of a physical archive. This improved visibility of documents can ensure no vital correspondence ever goes under the radar, speeding up workflows as a result.

No Geographic Limitations

geographical limitationsAs the internet and digital technology has shifted the ways many companies operate, businesses can easily develop across many cities or countries and many employees are now working remotely. This geographic expansion is made easier and more streamlined by implementing a digital mailroom solution, as all necessary information can be delivered to staff, worldwide and in an instant by using digital mail.

Text Searchable Archiving

text searchable archiving iconOnce all collected mail has been carefully prepared and scanned in high quality, we index the documents and process them with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so that staff can quickly search their internal database for the letter or document needed to help them with their day. Time is saved that would be previously spent searching though physical archives or unorganised filing systems with the use of a digital mailroom system.

Relief from Time Consuming Manual Tasks

time consumingWhen businesses use our expert digital mailroom services, we collect a company’s mail every morning, cutting out the need for mail to even be delivered to an office at all. We carefully filter, sort and prepare all documentation carefully for scanning too, based on given criteria set by business owners before successful delivery of mail to its end user. All physical and manual work involved with operating a traditional mailroom is taken away, meaning staff can be re-deployed to spend more time on other valuable tasks to help in the running of a business.

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